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Toyota Wigo

Seating Capacity: 5 SeatersTransmission ATRate: 1,500 - 3,000

Toyota Vios

Seating Capacity: 5 SeatersTransmission AT/MT

Rate: 2,000 - 3,000

Toyota Avanza

Seating Capacity: 7 SeatersTransmission AT/MTRate: 2,500 - 3,500

Rental Contract

Drive with confidence - our rental contract policy is just

Self-driven and with Driver Rental Contract

Note: Contract policy varies on location and car owner, but this contract is the most common one.

The terms and conditions of this agreement have been acknowledged and agreed upon by both parties. The RENTER is required to pay the full rental amount upon signing of the contract, as well as provide a security deposit which will be refunded upon return of the vehicle and settlement of all obligations. If the rented vehicle is damaged or lost, the RENTER shall be responsible for any costs not covered by insurance, as well as pay 25 percent of the daily rental rate until everything is repaired and settled. In the case of cancellation or rescheduling beyond the LESSOR's control, an amount equivalent to the reservation fee will be charged.

The RENTER will also be responsible for paying for any rental extensions or excess hours at 15 percent of the daily rate. Any delay in returning the vehicle without prior notice will be reported to the appropriate authorities. The RENTER will also be responsible for any flat tires, traffic fines, vulcanizing charges, and other incidental expenses during the rental period. The RENTER is also responsible for ensuring the rented vehicle is returned in the same condition it was received, with no smoking or vaping allowed inside the car and no foul-smelling food or pets brought inside.

The LESSOR shall not be liable for any loss or damage beyond the limit of the insurance policy, nor for any penalties or fines incurred by the RENTER for unlawful use of the vehicle. If the RENTER violates any provision of the contract, the LESSOR may request the return of the vehicle and forfeit the security deposit and rental amount paid. The parties agree to faithfully comply with all terms and conditions of this agreement.